Document Translation

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Official Accreditation

HighTranslation, Inc. offers an official accreditation of interpretation for every one of our interpretations, with individual reports being probably the most normally confirmed records in light of the fact that they contain critical individual data. LTI offers ensured interpretations for conception declarations, appropriation papers, wills, certificates, marriage licenses, school transcripts, international IDs and numerous different sorts of individual records.

Our Certification

Our certificate gives an extra level of legitimacy to the interpretation: helping avoid extortion and issuing you genuine feelings of serenity. This is exactly what numerous associations, legislative and non-administrative alike, are searching for. They require "affirmed interpretations" in light of the fact that they need to have the affirmation that the interpreted report you are giving was deciphered totally, precisely, and by an expert. On the off chance that you have an individual record interpretation or whatever other report that needs to have an affirmed interpretation, LTI is here to offer assistance.

Our special services :

  • Extra Level of Legitimacy
  • Affirmed Interpretation
  • Official Accreditation
  • Critical Individual Data

Interpretation Administration

Interpretation administration supplier ought to give trustworthy archive interpretation administrations, and at a suitable cost. The experts in this field do the interpretation and essential for the same is to have learning of a decent measure of national and global dialects.