Certificate translation

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Our Experience

HighTranslation Inc. a solid interpretation organization has been working following numerous years in this coliseum. Working for than 25 years now, they have given administrations to numerous national and worldwide customers with extraordinary and valid administrations. They have exceeded expectations, as well as arrangement in more than 100 dialects. LTI have given endorsement interpretation administrations to their customers over the globe and have earned the trust.

Imperative & Vital Reports

Be it conception testaments, marriage declarations or movement papers- these are imperative and vital reports which are required at each critical phase of our lives whether for scholastic purposes or to begin a social life. In this way it is more pivotal to have an exact interpretation of these authentications into important and credible endorsements as indicated by the dialect environment of a specific spot. Yes, endorsements can be of the spot where that scholastic or the religious occasion occurred, yet it is essential to comprehend the need of validness when it comes down to the interpretation of those vital declarations. Authentications and different archives that can be interpreted:


  • Marriage and related Certificates
  • Marriage and related Certificates
  • Immigration papers
  • Death Certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Other testaments